12 grada

Ηaving enjoyed a historic walk on the pathways of Veroia, we suggest a unique post.It is no other than 12 grada.

An alternative recomendation of mediterenean tastes, and quality greek wine, in a renovated place that is hosted in a landmark of Sofou & Dimosthenous street, just next to the old bridge Karachmet seeing the river Tripotamos.

The 12 grada 
Its priviledged position, makes it  an ideal escape from the city noise, without depriving it from its benefits since it is only a few minutes walk away from the city center. The best reward one could aim for after a therapeutic walk around the area of Barbouta and a perfect continuum after a night's stay at the majestic boutique hotel Κokkino Spiti.

Panoramic view from a corner table above Sofou Street.

12 grada is a strictly family business founded by the Samuka brothers. Thanassis occupies himself with customer service and the artistic touches.While Manolis with his innovative ideas coordinates and manipulates the businesses development.. The Chef, Yiannis supervises and executes the gustatory delicacies.

Let us see how the idea of 12 grada was born and what does  it have to offer....

Where should we go for a meal;

There where we can enjoy tratitional and at the same time special tastes of mediterenean cusine with solely fresh materials in conjunction with selective wine varieties, and ... why not enjoy our beloved drink as well....

In an environment with our oun identity and signature, at the most picturesque side of the city of Veroia, away from the noise of the center and still only a few breaths away from it! This is how the birth of 12 grada took place... from the need to find our own place and share it with our friends. 

It is an opportunity to be together as a family and develop with it.

From that point forward our work is the means to have fun too with our peoople and express our art. 



They support the effort of "human" producers, who strive to raise high the flag of greek merchadise. All this companionship matures not only with those who enjoy our cooking but also the ones who contribute to the long chain till the kitchen.


The available wines are choosen diligently from experienced and prominent  wine-tasters.

 When asked, what you like people to think about you, they responeded:

 ΅That here I have found a shelter, a painkiller so that I can forget and rest from the poisons of daily routine.  

"Wishing that the 12 grada family will grow and keep up the initiation in purity and the art of giving."

Their mission statement is fresh and immaculate materials. With a lifetime guarantee that this quality will sustain.

Satifsfying even the most demanding taste receptors. There you go... 12 grada for every type, every sign of the zodiac.... every liking.

The word gallery is what 12 grada lacks of, a word that trully deserves.

It is hard to look at it as an ordinary restaurant, but instead it is a trip to the senses.

Follow us then !


Beautifull colors overflow the walls with unique hand made works of art.

Creations of Samukas Thanassis at 12 grada. 

Ann utterly creative environment filled with zeal and art.

A painting of commitment for the delicacies that await for you.

Details are having fun at 12 grada.

A creation of Pavlos Kakirdakis

Deer a symbol of power, beautiy, sensitiveness, nobility and unconditional love.
 You will find too many in there.

Three of them are lurking within the hearts of Thanassis, Manolis and Yannis.



Melodies bind beautifull with the warm hospitality colors of the three brothers.

Resonating at unique tasty stations, they combine perfectly old tastes with modern tendencies..                        


12 grada not only care for taste but they also love Greece.

They experiment regularly in greek tastes and local products.

"In an attempto to revive the wronged greek products which are burried by the plague of fast food. 

Αccenting individual special products that greek earth has to offer such as mastica, safron and many others...

Open to any taste and the various nutritional peculiarities.

Even our lens lusts for food at 12 grada..

Via the offering hands, one can taste the love and care through their creations..
From the birth of an idea, till its serving. 

It appears that 12 grada is teaching us how to "eat with our hearts".

Thanassis relentlessly serves the demanding crowd.

Manolis.Orchestrates and prepares yet another tasty symphony.

The wizerd Yannis promises to enchant you with his creations.

We had a chat with him. Let see what he has to say about the concept of 12 grada.

Chef  Ioannis Samoukas

"12 grada is a move to lay down our ideas and our life in this restaurant. It is an act of kindness.. 

Our kitchen comprises the continuoum of our social life.

From the hospitality to the decoration, we travel our guests with a view to help them escape the troubs of daily life.

«We wish to coexist with them,not to rip them!» 

We are hopeful that our cuisine will extend the discerning character and ethics of ours. "

                                Manolis                                                Yannis                                            Thanassis

12 grada and the three tasteketeers. They promise to defend you in memorable gastronomic adventures..
All together and each one individually constitute a source of inspiration.

Well there you go... The place is there. All you have to do is go and meet them!

Sofou 11 & Dimosthenous
tel. (+30): 2331 100 112
email :

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