Visit of the Ambassador of China in Naoussa

On Sunday, March 17, 2013 Naoussa had the additional pleasure to be visited by the Ambassador of China Mr. Du Xiwen accompanied by former deputy Mr.
Angelos Tolkas. The Baitsis family along with the Mayor of Naoussa Mr. Anastasios Karabatzos as well as the Professor of folklore and tradition Mrs. Nora Skouteris (representative of UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage), gave him a warm welcome. There he had the opportunity to admire the preparation of the Yianitsaros and the rich history of the custom.

There were also given points of similarity between the custom of Naoussa and elements of the Chinese culture. Follow us on this special visit.

With the tiny knowledge of Chinese as a foreign language, we managed to get a few words from the Chinese ambassador, and also acknowledge how China has also contributed to the world cultural heritage, especially through the culture and arts of Shaolin

Takis Baitsis Du Xiwen Tryfon Baitsis-Angelos Tolkas Anastasios Karampatzos

Du Xiwen

Anastasios Karabatzos

The flashback begins ....

Takis Baitsis gives from the heart the most beautiful thing about the custom and its roots ... While magically explains everything about the gkiourtani.

Reference to mask (prosopos) and its preparation.


 The mayor holds the heirloom mask dating over 150 years.
Ambassador has his first contact with it and..... does not hesitate to rehearse it.

The body of Takis Baitsis speaks for itself about his love for the custom and full of joy he shares the greatness of  it all.

The mayor also pleased with the historical references.

The third edition of Takis Baitsis’s book “Yianitsaroi and Boules of Niaousta” is offered as a gift to the Ambassador.

Browsing the memories....

Description and explanation of the Gianitsaros costume by Takis Baitsis.

At this point, it is emphasized that only unmarried men are allowed to participate in the custom and a reference is made to the theater in ancient Greece and to the Chinese opera.

Meanwhile, young Constantinos Tzouvaras has come, whose outfit is being observed by the ambassador, the same way it was done earlier with Tryfon’s.

Departure to the town hall…

The leader of the troupe has gotten the permission of the mayor, having seen that

All is as it should be.

Then the mayor greets the troupe while the ambassador watching this...

Enjoys with his wife its beauty as well as some tsipouro.

A few details of the preparations… so as not to forget

The ancillaries of the preparation…

Tryfon is glowing, as he did last year. 

with Mayor mr Karabatzos

Mother is taking pride in his son dressed as Yannitsaros.

At this point, we conclude by expressing our profound gratitude for Takis and Vasiliki Baitsi who,once again this year, have opened their home and filled it with joy, knowledge and love.

                       Takis Baitsis                                                                                Vassilikii Baitsi

Excited, they admire the troupe passing for the second time, having taken its course. We wish for them to keep up steadfastly the maintenance of our tradition, and to relive it more intensely through their grandchildren!

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