Kokkino Spiti

Each city hides a paradise. In Veria this paradise is located in the traditional area Barbuta and it is called ‘Kokkino Spiti’. It’s impossible to a restless photographic eye, to resist the visual temptations offering this hotel

We invite you to stroll through the colors, art and distinctive style that embraces every corner. Adapted not only to the wiles of nature but also to the most demanding tastes.

The majority characterize it as a jewel and hence the name Boutique hotel, a title that truly deserves.

It stands out for its beauty and the distinctive architectural features. Built just on the river bank of Tripotamos offers unique view from every room. Both the entrance and exit of this trigger the sensations which are looking for more and more.

The 'Kokkino Spiti' is a mansion in the old jewish quarter of Veria. Built in the 19th century, around 1840 to 1860, as all the houses in the neighborhood. Below you will get a photographic taste of the neighborhood that surrounds it.

From 2009 onwards, it has been restored and functions as boutique hotel providing an oasis of tranquility, relaxation and quality accommodation in the historic center of Veria. It has six rooms, including a master suite, each unique and cared until the last detail. Here are some of them ...


Every corner is painted with care and enthusiasm. It’s hard to focus.

The contrasts dominate the whole hotel composing an harmony that takes you back in time. Its simplicity composes an oxymoron prestigious identity.

It constitutes a perfect choice for tourists as it is located 12 km from Vergina where there is the tomb of Philip II, the father of Alexander the Great, 45 km from Pella the birthplace of Alexander the Great and 45 km from Dion. It is also just 70 km from Thessaloniki and the nearest airport.

It is suitable also for professionals as it is located in the city center, there is a public parking place and all modern amenities in the rooms. In just a few minutes walk you can reach the city center.

The jasmine flowers in the balcony will whisper you many secrets and will dizzy you with the light of the early morning sun.

Pleasant to the eye, from the beauty of the rooms, the peaceful atmosphere, the sophisticated taste but also the surrounding natural beauty that fills the rooms with a magnificent view. Pleasant to the ear, from the sound of the flowing river and the travelling birds in the many plane trees at the river side. The water of the river flows all the year and its sound offers a relaxing moment in the center of the city, which reminds a city center in no way since the sound of the river is the only thing you can hear.

ΕHere all seasons are welcomed and each one has its own song to sing.
Their music is everywhere.All you have to do is... listen!


The frozen landscape outside, promises it will make all warm thoughts that may worry you go away.

Relax, forget and let nature heal you. Heal you with the fresh air and its taintless song.  

The mirrors combine perfectly with their surroundings revealing various joyful angles.


Even the festivities here are experienced in a unique way.  For those who desire to escape from the “we have to” this is the ideal place to come.

The decorations and the finesse create a peaceful environment. Wherever you sit, you are lost in the pleasant silence the warm colors impose.

  Night beauty at the balcony of “Kokkino Spiti”

It's like detail is chasing you.

 Mystery lies beneath every stone. If I were a writer definitely I would like my first work to be born in one of these wonderful suites, each one has its own character.

Every time I come, I leave with a different experience. Same words from my camera as well which demands some days off after each stay in this hotel.
But also for those who don’t write, it is a unique opportunity to delete the routine of every day life and start a new chapter after every night.

A teaser from the master suite....

The warm color variations of the room are challenging the daylight...

We have mentioned detail, or have we not?...

It would be a picture with no essence if I don’t talk about the soul of this magnificent place. Don΄t know really where to start from.

From Christos and Anastasias respect to delicacy, the restless creators of the beauty of Kokkino Spiti?

Furthermore, Despoina and Sylvia, who will capture you with their smile and their services. They will transform your stay to a life time experience. 


Staying in Kokkino Spiti it would be a pity not to enjoy a short expedition in the neighborhoods near it. You will see images from the past.  And if you want to stimulate your taste, completing your walk, “12 grada” will amaze you with their original dishes.


The starting point here is the Jewish synagogue. The prayers have nourished the stone of the building. It opens only certain days of the year. If you ask you may be lucky!

The owners Christos and Anastasia Sioukiouroglou promise to be there when you will want to seek some days off at Kokkino Spiti. The warmth will stay in your mind for ever.

 Το τζάκι του Κόκκινου Σπιτιού μιλά για τη ζωή

One may question...why all this? 
The answer is simple, "what is beauty if not shared"? 
It is so therapautic...

Many thanks to Vera Sioukiouroglou, who put the effort  in translating the original post.


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