"rOOTS"earching with Nikos Gaitanos

In the centre of Thessaloniki, a vegetarian fortress is born. A tower determined to fight against the sirens that inundate and court every hungry passer-by, who wishes to silence indifferently and rapidly one of the most vital needs of human nature.

Hence, we stand before the revolution of nutrition and taste, which aims to change the solid ideas about taste and pleasure, without any guilt. A return in the times and quality we have long forgotten….

Everybody talks about the crisis and the difficult times, while at the same time some peacefully look for a way out, without whining or making too much fuss. They combine all their ideas and their thoughts, making them real through a business project. They attempt to diffentiate themselves by following the philosophy of our ancient ancestors who said 
“Never expect something different, while doing the same things”.

How could we forgett a nice coffe.

Cause the day will be very long....

So... we’re in the heart of Roots, where the three owners shared with us their venture and culture. Along with them, the pylon,... or just better the brain- stormer, which is no other  than the well known and distinguished green Chef Nikos Gaitanos.

The sun is flirting with the lounge which now rests...

Beauty surrounds every corner of rOOTs

 rOOTs close to the roots of nature, the roots of life itself. 

Costas             Costas          Pavlos 

The ternary soul of Roots is very serious about their purpose.

Which is common.

And supported by the master of vegetarianism, Nikos Gaitanos.

In the classic question…How did everything start?
The answer came loud, in unison.

“We wanted to try something alternative, something different. To get away from the masses and what’s common. We never ate meat and we’ve always searched texture and also the grace of flavours. This idea eventually, turned out to be Roots. Original and innovative for Thessaloniki’s standards, we wanted it to be something exclusive.
And we pulled it off”

Here, flavour is combined with rest.

Just like every leader, he needs his comrades.

Smiling is a permanent tattoo on his fellow soldiers Tasos, Helen and…Tasos!

But even these tattoos show how deep is their passion for cuisine and flavour.

Nikos Gaitanos, the “ve-GUN” chef. With his recipes he shoots the cliché “bloody” dishes. He comes from Paros, one of our beautiful greek islands. He was an everyday chef until, he suddenly realised that animals are our friends and not our food.
What is worthy of mentioning is the actual incident of his “wake-up” call that took place in the kitchen of the restaurant he’ s working. It was a time that not only clients but also his fellow chefs congratulated him for a chicken dish. Upon this certain praise, the flash was sharp just like his distaste towards using anything animate(sentient) in the kitchen. He spent two hard years because of his decision. But in the end, he was and keeps on being rewarded. “I wanted to show people that something can be tasteful without meat. To sensitise them, through this sensitive human need, that it is not about alternative cooking but moral cooking” he says.
In the flames of atonement, we go over the hot pan for what will come next...

The preperation sets off... 

Roots welcomes every kind of mood. 
A drink, some rest, a boost.

Show me your menu and I will tell you who you are.

Flavours…something more than a “lifeless”... dish.

What one will notice, not just in their palate,
is that the recipes have strong nutritional "personality".

Humbly encouraging visitors to turn to a healthier, but not mundane way of eating.

The vegetarian diet is a movement towards simplicity,
that particular state that the greedy mind cries out for,
while being inside a swirl of overload and countless plasmatic needs.

Dishes full of “life” and colours of nature.

It’ doesn't only matter what you serve, but also the way you serve it. 
The mood and intention that every artist possesses while presenting his art.


Unique risottos and the well known fava.

Differentiation?... Yes
Respect to the trends?... Why not!

The famous specialty, the green burger.
Without bloody sins.

Yes. It’s exactly you’re thinking.

Guilt-free and tasteful.

Cuase Vegans have their right too for flavors and of course "vegan giros"

We must also mention that Roots hosts another (Ali comes from the Greek "άλλη" meaning Other) kind of beer. “Ali is unfiltered and unpasteurized, thus maintaining all the complex fragrances and flavours that make it special.” Says one of the owners that happens to be there, mr.Roidos Nikos who also searches for a gateway from the grumble caused by the crisis, by launching an original, greek product.

Framewalk with the innovative team.

Coming back then...  

Nikos invites us over his kitchen to accompany him, for it is a big night coming up...

Banana tree leaves will cook slowly, filled with special exotic ingredients.

In anticipation of today’s night, which will be a Cuban one!

Coming up, a look of optimism and excitement by Nikos Gaitanos.

Beauty inside out Roots.  

It doesn't take too long for the first authentic smiles to visit the welcoming place. 

And of course are rewarded with the peculiar Cuban recipes.

Filled with color and taste. 

A unique variation made off  plantain.

Literally exotic and chilling salad, warding off the heat...

The place starts to "inflate"... 

“Military” bottles of the bar are now targetted... they will fall way too quickly against consumption and happiness.

Dishes and drinks are interwoven in colors of joy and euphoria.

Time is passing and the lights are becoming even brighter!

People arrive to the hot spot for a Cuba connection!

Culture and beauty at its grandeur.

Time has passed…the following surprises are getting more and more... However we have to go without them and say goodbye to this framewalk in quality and differentiation with the vegan dessert of the day.

We wish the very best to all the contributors,
of such genuine and quality project.

At this point we would like to personally thank Miss Irene Notaras for translating the original Greek article and aiding such, for the word of rOOTs to spread out internationally. 


A remembrance of turning to a purer and more peaceful way of life…
"And God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food. And to every beast of the earth and to every bird of the heavens and to everything that creeps on the earth, everything that has the breath of life, I have given every green plant for food.” And it was so. 
~ Genesis 1:29-30

“As long as Man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower living beings, he will never know health or peace. For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.” 
~ Pythagoras

"All animals are scared of violoence. They all fear death, and all love life. See yourself into others. Who can you harm? What damage can you cause?"...
"Becoming vegetarian is like entering a river leading to nirvana"
~  Buddha

Balanou 4-6,
Thessaloniki ,

tel: 2310 268 063
mob:6983 30 78 61
facebook : Roots - Vegetarian & Vegan place

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